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2015 Guide

Opening event on 

6 March 2015 has sold out

Opening event on 6 March 2015 has sold out         See our artists pages here. 

THE MERCURY BAY ART ESCAPE a self-drive Open Studio Tour centred around the beautiful coastal area of Mercury Bay on the Eastern Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, encompassing the areas of Pauanui, Tairua, Hahei, Hot Water Beach, Cooks Beach, Whenuakite, Whitianga and Kuaotunu.  We are looking forward to showcasing the creative talents of 46 artists in the next Open Studio Tour, 7 & 8 and 14 & 15 March 2015. You can phone and arrange a visit to our artist members at any time of the year, contact details are on all the artists pages. Just come and visit, there's no obligation to buy! 


...launches at Hot Waves Cafe, Hot Water Beach on Friday March 6th, with a month-long 'Taste of the Tour' Showcase exhibition. This much-anticipated creative and social event has sold out so get your tickets early for next year! 

The Open Studio weekends are March 7 & 8 and March 14 & 15

.... but you can contact any of our artists year-round. Plan a trip to this beautiful part of the Country and get in touch with your favourite Mercury Bay artists: make an appointment to see their studios and artwork. Go to the Artists drop down above and view all of our members who are listed alphabetically and by location.

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The 2015 Guide is an expanded 156 page full colour, spiral bound reference manual. It includes artists’ biographies, easy to read maps and images of a selection of their work, plus listings for many cafes, galleries, tours and B&B’s in the area. 

An essential guide to have on hand whether you are a visitor, local, holiday home owner or art lover.

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Sorry for any disappointment but this event has sold out.

Please join us for the Opening Night of the 'Taste of the Tour' showcase exhibition at Hot Waves Cafe, Hot Water Beach, which launches the Open Studio Tour for 2015. This fundraiser takes place at 5:30pm on Friday March 6th 2015. All of the artists involved in the Tour will be featured in the exhibition, plus a work from each of the 2014 Scholarship winners.

Join us for a glass of wine from our major sponsor, Tohu Wines and delicious nibbles provided by Hot Waves Cafe. The guest speaker is NZ artitst, author and well known printmaker Dr Carole Shepheard from Kawhia. This is an ideal opportunity to mingle with the artists, get a feel for the work on show and take an early opportunity to purchase their works. 

The Opening Night is a is a significant event on the Peninsula calendar and is always a sell out. Don’t delay buying your tickets at a cost of $40.

Tickets may also be purchased at Hot Waves Cafe which is located at 8 Pye Place, Hot Water Beach.

Airdrie Hamilton /artists/airdrie-hamilton
1 /images/AIRDRIE HAMILTON/1 Airdrie Hamilton West Coast celebration.jpg West Coast Celebration
Alan & Julia Rhodes /artists/alan-rhodes
1 /images/ALAN RHODES/1 Alan Rhodes blue and red dishes.jpg Blue and red dishes
Anna Kitchingman - NEW /artists/anna-kitchingman
Cooks Beach
1 /images/Anna Kitchingman/3 Kitchingman Lonely Bay.jpg Lonely Bay
Anne Bowden /artists/anne-bowden
1 /images/ANNE BOWDEN/1 Anne Bowden girls just want to have fun.jpg Girls just want to have fun
Becs Wood - NEW /artists/becs-wood
1 /images/Becs Wood/2 Becs wood- part of 'sandy swing' 3 panel drawing_New.jpg Sandy Swing
Bernadette Ballantyne - NEW /artists/bernadette-ballantyne
1 /images/Bernadette Ballantyne/2 images together.jpg Forest and Autumn
Betty Collings /artists/betty-collings
1 /images/BETTY COLLINGS/1 The Queen 2007 130x274x120 Inflated.jpg The Queen
Blair Matheson /artists/blair-matheson
Cooks Beach
1 /images/BLAIR MATHESON/1 Blair Matheson Porto San Stefano.jpg Porto San Stefano
Carolyn Milbank /artists/carolyn-milbank
1 /images/CAROLYN MILBANK/1 Carolyn Millbank breathing space.jpg Breathing space
Charlotte Giblin - NEW /artists/charlotte-giblin-new
1 /images/Charlotte Giblin/3 Charlotte Giblin _ Looking Down on Flaxmill Bay_New.jpg Looking down on Flaxmill Bay
Christine Bannan /artists/christine-bannan
1 /images/CHRISTINE BANNAN/1 Christine Bannan Dusk .jpg Dusk
Claire Elliot /artists/claire-elliot
1 /images/CLAIRE ELLIOT/3 Otama Sun Path.jpg Otama Sun Path
Dhyana Muir /artists/dyhana-muir
1 /images/DHYANA MUIR/1 Dhyana Muir dawn break.jpg Dawn Break
Ellen Jackson - NEW /artists/ellen-jackson-new
1 /images/Ellen Jackson/1 Ellen Jackson Ranong Cobbing_New.jpg Ranong Cobbing
Gail Taylor /artists/gail-taylor
1 /images/GAIL TAYLOR/1 Gail Taylor The Cleansing.jpg The Cleansing
Gary Burrett /artists/gary-burrett
1 /images/GARY BURRETT/1 Gary Burrett Summer at Cathedral Cove.jpg Summer at Cathedral Cove
Gary Nevin /artists/gary-nevin
1 /images/GARY NEVIN/1 gary nevin little sheep 2014.jpg Little sheep
Ginney Deavoll /artists/ginney-deavoll
1 /images/GINNEY DEAVOLL/1 Ginney Deavoll_The Visitors_May 20th 20140992 (1320x1600).jpg The Visitors
Ian Calloway - NEW /artists/ian-calloway-new
1 /images/Ian Calloway/Moonlight Marama.jpg Moonlight Marama
Ian Webster /artists/ian-webster
1 /images/IAN WEBSTER/1 Ian Webster red torso.jpg Red Torso
Jacqueline Elley /artists/jacqueline-elley
1 /images/JACQUELINE ELLEY/1 jacqui_elley_mahu_swim_lge.jpg Mahu swim
Judy Glucina - JAG /artists/judy-glucina
Hot Water Beach
1 /images/JUDY GLUCINA/1 Judy Glucina holy man-1a.jpg Holy man
Kate Hill /artists/kate-hill
1 /images/KATE HILL/2 Kate Hill Heart of the Harakeke.jpg Heart of the Harakeke
Leanne Litherland /artists/leanne-litherland
1 /images/LEANNE LITHERLAND/1 Leanne Litherland Port Jackson.jpg Port Jackson
Liz Hart /artists/liz-hart
1 /images/LIZ HART/1 Liz Hart Summer Vase.jpg Summer Vase
Lloyd & Dan Franklin /artists/lloyd-amp-dan-franklin
1 /images/LLOYD FRANKLIN/1 Lloyd Franklin Knives.jpg Franklin knives
Lucy Horne /artists/lucy-horne
1 /images/LUCY HORNE/1 Lucy Horne travelling painting 6.jpg Travelling painting
Lutz Gaebler / Colin Verner /artists/lutz-gaebler-try-fluke-studio
1 /images/LUTZ GAEBLER/1 Lutz Abrahamsons flock.jpg Lutz Gaebler Abrahamsons flock
Margaret Ivory /artists/margaret-ivory
1 /images/Margaret Ivory/1 Margaret Ivory Julie Jamaludin .jpg Julie Jamaludin
Margherita Giampietri /artists/margherita-giampietri
1 /images/MARGHERITA GIAMPIETRI/1 Margherita Time has gone .jpg Time has gone
Martinus Sarangapany - NEW /artists/martinus-sarangapany-new
1 /images/Marinus Sarangapany/1 Martinus S she decides compressed.jpg She decides
Meg Auth /artists/meg-auth
1 /images/MEG AUTH/1 Meg Auth Kayak pendant with ocean jasper.jpg Kayak pendant with ocean jasper
Michael D Smither /artists/michael-smither
1 /images/MICHAEL SMITHER/1 Michael Smither - RockPool.jpg Rock Pool
Natasha Courtney - NEW /artists/natasha-courteny-1
1 /images/Natasha Courtney/1 Natasha Courtney walnut and pear wood Seed Collection Box comp.jpg Seed Collection Box walnut and pear wood
Patrick Beehan /artists/patrick-beehan
1 /images/PATRICK BEEHAN/1 Patrick Beehan woman in shawl.jpg Woman in shawl
Paula McNeill /artists/paula-mcneill
1 /images/PAULA MCNEILL/2 Paula McNeill Travelling around the Coromandel cropped.jpg Travelling around the Coromandel
Rachel Olsen /artists/rachel-olsen
Cooks Beach
1 /images/RACHEL OLSEN/4 Rachel Olsen Catlins Cribs.jpg Catlins Cribs
Raewyn Helms-Davis /artists/raewyn-helms-davis
1 /images/RAEWYN HELMS DAVIS/1 Raewyn HD A World of Wonder.jpg A World of Wonder
Raewyn Hildreth - NEW /artists/raewyn-hildreth-new
1 /images/Raewyn Hildreth/Eco girls not cropped.jpg Eco Girls
Reina Cottier - NEW /artists/reina-cottier-new
1 /images/Reina Cottier/1 Reina Cottier Tribal Moon .jpg Tribal Moon
Roland Baumgart /artists/roland-baumgart
1 /images/ROLAND BAUMGART/1 Roland Baumgart.jpg
Sally Samins /artists/sally-samins
Hot Water Beach
1 /images/SALLY SAMINS/4 Sally Samins Summer Escapes.jpg Summer Escapes
Sam Bruce - NEW /artists/sam-bruce-new
1 /images/Sam Bruce/1 Sam Bruce Elephant and Castle.jpg Elephant and Castle
Sheryl Savage /artists/sheryl-savage
1 /images/SHERYL SAVAGE/1 Sheryl Savage Alegria.jpg Alegria
Souzie Speerstra /artists/souzie-speerstra
1 /images/SUSIE SPEERSTRA/1 Souzie Speerstra Pohutukawa.jpg Pohutukawa
Susan Dunster /artists/susan-dunster
1 /images/SUSAN DUNSTER/1 Susan Dunster Blessing of Boats .jpg Blessing of Boats
Tim Aldrich /artists/tim-aldrich
1 /images/TIM ALDRICH/1 King Fish and Kahawai 2.jpg King Fish and Kahawai
Tina Carey /artists/tina-carey
1 /images/TINA CAREY/1 Tina Carey Sky land and sea.jpg Sky, land and sea
Trevor Bayly /artists/trevor-bayly
1 /images/TREVOR BAYLY/1 Trevor Bayly The Cathedral.jpg The Cathedral
Verena Tagmann /artists/verena-tagmann
1 /images/VERENA TAGMANN/1 Verena Tagmann Who do you think we are .jpg Who do you think we are
Wendy Walls /artists/wendy-walls
1 /images/WENDY WALLS/WendyWalls-BodyandSole cropped.jpg Body and Sole